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with an Air Dome

Energy efficient. Lower initial investment. Less construction time. No more weather cancellations.
Wide open space. Financially self-sustaining. Year-round capabilities.

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Sustainable air domes utilize advanced thermal insulation materials ensuring consistent temperatures with minimal energy use. Our innovative design reduces the need for constant heating, significantly lowering carbon emissions and operational costs.


Rapidly. Resourceful. Resilient.

Manage heating

Experience the cutting edge of climate control with our smart heating systems. By leveraging internet connectivity, you can adjust the temperature from your smartphone.

Air dome pressure

Stay ahead with our internet-enabled pressure monitoring and control systems. Real-time data analysis ensures the air dome's pressure is continuously adjusted, balancing structural stability with energy efficiency.

Manage lights

Illuminate efficiently with our internet-connected lighting systems. Control and customize lighting scenarios remotely, ensuring optimal illumination with minimal environmental impact.

Energy Efficiency

Membrane Efficiency

HeroX can create various levels of energy efficient membranes.

The bigger the mass of air (air pocket) in between the membranes and the smaller the thermal bridges are the better insulated a dome is. Depending on your needs, we can create air domes that are up to R10 or 0,1 U-value.

Energy Efficiency

Net zero
energy ready‍

We are developing an innovative solution to reach zero-energy standards through the use of:

  • CIGS solar panels on the dome
  • GEO exchange heat pumps
  • Alternative energy sources

Energy Efficiency

Inflation System

The inflation system is equipped with high performances centrifugal fans which permit a quick air exchange inside the volume and the environment. Thanks to the economy function and the inverter technology, they grant an important saving of the electrical consumption of 30-40% compared to traditional unit.

Our air dome ventilation can be quiet as an air conditioning unit used in residential houses.

Silent operation

Environmentally Friendly


We provide advanced, fully temporary foundation solutions that are relocatable and reusable elsewhere. Our eco-friendly anchoring causes minimal environmental impact, as it can be extracted without disrupting the area, securing the air dome with ground anchors for as long as you need it.