Olga Gudynn International School
December 20, 2023

Olga Gudynn International School

Revolutionizing School Facilities with Herox Air-Supported Domes


  1. Application: Academic/School
  2. Year Completed: 2021
  3. Dimensions: 37m (l) x 37.9m (w) 12m (h) 1,402 m2
  4. Membrane Spec: Sattler Protex | 900 (g/m2) exterior | 500 (g/m2) interior
  5. Membrane Details: Polyester fabric, double-sided PVC coating and lacquered, upside high-gloss embossed, fungicidal finish, flame retardant
  6. Mechanicals: Premium inflation unit with 15.000 mc/h and 246 kW heating capacity
  7. Doors: 2 revolving doors
  8. Lighting: LED lighting fixtures
  9. Unique Features: 200 m2 of skylights

Delivery of doors

Delivery of membrane

Positioning the equipment on court

Spreading the membrane

Inflating the dome

Installation complete

Science Trade Fair